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Today I gave Nico, my two-year-old white cat, a bath. If we leave the closet doors open for too long, he has the tendency to use them to climb into the attic. We'll find him a few hours later, scratching and mewing from the inside of one of the other closets.

Needless to say, this turns his white coat into a gray one.

Johnny and I try to put the flea treatment on the pets at the beginning of every month, or as close to the beginning as possible. With seven pets, it's imperative that all the animals keep flea treatment on them every month. While the cats don't go outside, the dogs do.

Most people have a misconception about baths and flea treatments. Often, people bath their pets with a shampoo that kills fleas, dry the pet, and immediately apply a spot-on treatment between the shoulder blades. Doing this is a bad plan. I'm honestly not sure the logistics of this, but you need to wait at least twenty-four hours after bathing a pet to apply a spot-on treatment. If it is applied right after the bath, the spot-on will not last more than a few days (the same amount of time as the bath). Tomorrow I'll be able to put the treatment on Nico (I use and recommend Bio-Spot® for my cats and dogs), and it should last the month.

I bathe Nico with a soft dish soap, like Dawn. Animals are just as susceptible to skin allergies and sensitivities as humans. Nico has incredibly sensitive skin, and most pet baths are either too abrasive or too useless to work properly. When paired with a good spot-on treatment, Dawn dish soap works wonderfully. Besides, imagine all the money you can save by using something you already have on hand!

Bio-Spot® is a great brand. It's relatively inexpensive, ranging from normally $15 to $30 depending on sales and where you buy your pet medications, and it's effective. I don't have money to spare for expensive treatments that work the same. Plus, Bio-Spot® has everything you'll need to prevent your house--and all the creatures in it--from contracting or keeping fleas. It even works for mosquitoes, and during the muggy summer months, that's important!

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I hope you don't mind, but I'm adding you as a friend. We seem to have the animal-thing in common, and we're from the same area. You seem pretty interesting! Good to know there are other people in Charleston who know their stuff about pet-care. :]


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